Monday, March 28, 2011

Top East Coast USA Road Trip Destinations

The east coast of the USA was made for driving. From Maine to Florida, you'll experience big cities, small towns, National Parks, beautiful beaches, and some of America's best known historical sites. It's one of the most popular road trip routes in the USA, and it's easy to navigate. Here are some of the highlights that you'll experience on an east coast road trip:

Acadia National Park
This stunning Maine coastal National Park is located on Mount Desert Island, in northern Maine. It is one of the few east coast destinations that has mountains on the water. From here, you can witness what most consider the first sunrise of the east coast, Cadillac Mountain. Pristine ponds and winding backroads take you to luscious Maine forests and rugged coastline that stretches for miles. This should be a must-see on your trip to Maine.

The hub of New England, Boston isn't just a town full of sports rivalries and old statues. It's a great place to eat, walk around, and enjoy history. Even if history isn't your thing, you'll be able to soak up amazing food in the North End, experience great shopping on Newbury Street, or take a scenic harbor lighthouse tour to some of the most breathtaking lighthouses in America. There are also a lot of beautiful hotels in Boston to choose from (you should really stay at a nice place in this city - it's worth it).

Times Square - Yellow Cab
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New York
It's difficult to get "in and out" of New York City, and it can be a maddening experience for those that haven't driven amongst the local New Yorkers before, so be sure that you're up for an adventure before you plan out this trip! If you're up for a challenge, New York has some the best food and some of the most famous views and attractions in the world. Since most bypass New York on a road trip in favor of more car friendly destinations, we're going to pass on to the next city (though you should really visit sometime!).

Some have described similarities between Boston and Baltimore before, and they wouldn't be entirely incorrect. Both cities share a deep history with roots from Colonial times, both share historical memories from famous leaders, and they both have some of the most intact cobblestone streets from the "old days". This city is only 26 miles from Washington DC, but boasts its own set of attractions you shouldn't miss out on like the National Aquarium and the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Washington DC
Our nation's capitol is a city that's all about being free. No, not freedom and liberty, we're talking about free admissions! It's incredible how many amazing museums and national treasures are absolutely free to see, and can't beat anything else in the USA. From the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument to the Smithsonian, it's all free, and all unbelievably cool.

There's so much to do and see in Florida, it's hard to sum it up in one paragraph, but here goes nothing... the sunshine state has more beaches than anywhere else in the USA. It's also the warmest state in the United States, and can brag about it's world class cities like Tampa and Miami, but also it's tropical destinations like Key West and Naples. The driving aspect of Florida is really a treat. Try taking scenic Route 1 along the coast to catch a closer glimpse in towns like Daytona Beach, the Florida Keys, and Fort Lauderdale.

The east coast has many more great destinations in South Carolina like Myrtle Beach, Savannah, Georgia, and the Outer Banks. For these small towns and regions, you'll have to leave the major highway and hit the all American backroads. Ready for the journey?
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